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About Us

Welcome to ModApkPremium, your number one source for modded and premium Android apps and games. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best Android apps, with a focus on modded and unlocked versions, ad-free experiences, and premium features.

Our Story

ModApkPremium was founded in 2020 by a group of enthusiastic Android users who were frustrated with the limitations of free apps and games. We believe that everyone should have access to fully unlocked and modded Android apps without annoying ads or paywalls.

After months of research and testing, we launched ModApkPremium with a small collection of modded apps and games. We wanted to provide a trusted source for Android users to download modded and premium apps safely and easily.

Since then, we’ve grown rapidly into the largest modded Android app library online. But we’ve never lost sight of our roots and original vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to enable Android users to tap into the full potential of their devices. We believe apps shouldn’t be limited by what their developers initially intended. With the right mods and tweaks, they can become so much more powerful and fun!

That’s why we’re obsessed with finding, testing and sharing the best modded Android apps and games. No ads, no in-app purchases, no limitations. Just pure, optimized Android apps.

Our Values

Everything we do at ModApkPremium stems from three core values:


Our users and their experiences are at the heart of ModApkPremium. We listen to feedback, optimize our offerings, and help fellow Android enthusiasts access the amazing mods developed by the community.


Every modded app on ModApkPremium is hand tested for safety, performance and quality. We won’t share anything that compromises your Android experience.


Modded Android apps shouldn’t be hidden away or difficult to install. We make them easy to find, download and update, so you can spend time enjoying them rather than hunting them down.

The ModApkPremium Difference

So what makes ModApkPremium special? Here are a few of our standout features:

100% Malware Free

Your security is critically important to us. We put every app through intensive malware screening before listing it. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t get listed. Simple as that.

Carefully Tested Mods

Mods vary widely in quality and functionality. We rigorously test mods and only approve ones that work consistently and enhance the app experience. No duds allowed.

Quick Updates

When a new version of an app or mod gets released, we scramble to be the first site to test and upload it. No waiting around on ModApkPremium.

Ad-Free APKs

One of the biggest benefits of modded apps are removal of irritating ads. You’ll never see a single ad on any ModApkPremium download.

No Account Needed

There are no hoops to jump through on ModApkPremium. No registration required. Just quick, direct downloads every time.

Easy Installation

Less tech-savvy users often struggle with sideloading modded APKs. We provide failproof install instructions with every download to make the process frustration-free.

The ModApkPremium Promise

ModApkPremium was created by a small team of passionate Android users who wanted to spread the joy of incredible modded apps.

Our team includes:

  • Every mod will be free of malware and viruses, guaranteed.
  • Downloads and installations will be quick and painless or your money back!
  • Mods will function as advertised or we’ll issue you a refund.
  • You'll have access to the latest modded app releases before any other site.
  • Any app request will be considered and reviewed for inclusion on ModApkPremium.
  • We'll continue expanding our catalog of mods to give you more options.
  • User security and satisfaction will remain our priority, always.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your Android device? We invite you to browse ModApkPremium and start enhancing your favorite apps today!

The ModApkPremium Team

ModApkPremium was created by a small team of passionate Android users who wanted to spread the joy of incredible modded apps.

Our team includes:

  • Alex S. - Founder and lead app tester. Android power user since 2010.
  • Sara P. - Website developer and tech wizard. Keeps ModApkPremium running smoothly.
  • Michael R. - Head moderator of our user forums. Ensures discussions stay friendly and helpful.
  • Jessica T. - Customer support specialist. She's the warm voice on the other end ready to help.
  • David Y. - App curator and quality assurance lead. Scours the web for the best new mods.

Although we come from diverse backgrounds, the team shares a contagious enthusiasm for modded apps. We’re dedicated to making ModApkPremium the top modded Android app resource through continuous innovation and improvement.

Our small team works tirelessly to source, test and provide mods that help users get the most out of their Android experience. If you ever need support, have feedback or just want to say hi, please reach out! We love hearing from our users.

Contact ModApkPremium

We encourage you to get in touch with any questions, concerns, suggestions, feedback or just to say hello! Here are the best ways to reach us: Contact Us


At ModApkPremium, we’re on a mission to let Android users enjoy their favorite apps and games to the fullest through mods and premium unlocks. With our ever-expanding catalog, rigorous quality testing, quick updates and unwavering commitment to safety and satisfaction, we aim to be the most trusted modded Android app site around.

Ready to take your Android experience to new heights? Start browsing and downloading from ModApkPremium today! We can’t wait to help you tap into the full potential lurking inside your favorite apps and games.